Skilled Representation For Spouses Paying And Receiving Child Support

Whether you are preparing to file for divorce or are seeking to modify your child support payments, you need a lawyer who understands the law and will fight aggressively for your rights. Schneider Law Firm in Mesa is dedicated to family law issues. Attorney Gary Schneider will outline your legal options and offer clear expectations about your case so that you can make an informed decision.

Arizona's Child Support Calculation

Unlike the spousal maintenance calculation, calculating child support in Arizona is a relatively straightforward process. A formula takes into account several factors that ultimately determine the amount of child support.

These factors include:

  • Gross monthly income
  • Percentage of child care payments being paid
  • Number of children
  • Ages of children

While many of these figures are hard and fast, there is some room for negotiation. A highly capable family law attorney can work with you to reach an outcome that accurately reflects your financial situation and serves the best interests of your children.

Do Not Face Child Support Issues Alone

Every couple has the option of reaching their own child support agreement. When they cannot do so, a judge will decide what is reasonable. If you do not have a strong representative advocating for you, you may receive an unsatisfactory decision.

Attorney Gary Schneider is a highly effective negotiator. He knows how to reach fair agreements outside of court that work for both spouses. When a settlement ultimately is not the best option, however, he is unafraid to advocate for you in court.

Schneider Law Office Can Be Your Voice

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