Mesa Child Support Lawyer

Calculating child support in Arizona is a relatively straightforward process. Assessing spousal maintenance (alimony), on the other hand, is far less simple. First, it must be determined if the client qualifies for spousal maintenance. Then, the hard part begins. If you need a Mesa child support attorney, or a lawyer to assist you with a spousal maintenance matter, contact Schneider Law Office to schedule a free consultation.

There is an existing formula for gauging child support. Measuring the amount and duration of spousal maintenance, in contrast, requires a determination of what is reasonable. What is the reasonable amount of maintenance a party is entitled to, given the variables of each party's unique circumstances? It is wise to reach out to a qualified attorney, one who can advocate for your understanding of what is reasonable in your situation.

Keep Matters In Your Own Hands

Ultimately, unless the parties can reach an agreement among themselves, it is the judge who will decide what is reasonable. If you do not have a strong representative making sure your voice is heard, the other lawyer's arguments might be found more compelling. Without someone to properly assess your case and advocate on your behalf, you are unlikely to find the judge's resolution satisfactory.

Schneider Law Office Can Be Your Voice

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