Fighting For A Fair Division Of Community Property

When a couple files for divorce, one of the most important issues they will need to resolve is the fair distribution of their marital assets and liabilities. It is critical to contact Schneider Law Office to discuss your rights and legal options during this important period.

Mr. Schneider is a strong, fearless advocate for his clients during asset division and other family law issues. He defends their rights in court and stands up to opposing attorneys who seek to bully them. No matter how complex or contentious your divorce may be, you can feel confident with lawyer Gary Schneider standing by your side.

Understanding Arizona's Community Property Laws

Since Arizona is a community property state, both parties in a marriage may be entitled to half the assets acquired during the marriage. Similarly, both spouses may also be liable for half the debts acquired during their marriage. Any assets and debts acquired outside of the marriage are separate and fall outside of the asset division process.

Judges will then divide the assets and debts between both parties in an equitable manner. In many instances, this will be a 50-50 split, although judges do have leeway to deviate from an equal split. Mr. Schneider's hands-on and analytical approach to asset division puts you in a strong position to obtain a fair outcome that accurately reflects your financial situation.

Who Gets The House?

One of the largest assets a couple has is the marital home. Because of its financial and emotional value, both parties may fight to stay in it during divorce proceedings. If one spouse owned the house separately prior to the marriage, that individual will likely get to keep it. However, if the mortgage was paid with commingled assets, the nonowner spouse may be entitled to compensation for those mortgage payments and any appreciation in the home's value.

In situations where the house was acquired after the marriage, both spouses may have a claim to the marital home. Schneider will work with you to understand your goals and develop a plan that seeks to achieve them.

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