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At Schneider Law Office, lawyer Gary Schneider provides highly skilled counsel for a broad range of family law matters. He works as a tough, fearless advocate for his clients. He takes the time to understand your goals in a child custody and visitation agreement and pursues every necessary action to help you accomplish your wishes.

Custody And Parenting Plan Differences

Judges can award legal decision-making, also known as custody, to a single parent or to both parents. Sole custody means one parent is responsible for the routine care of any children from the marriage. Joint custody, which is the default preference, means shared responsibility for all major decisions. Major decisions may cover key choices in areas such as religion, education, health care and personal care.

Parenting time, or child visitation, is more complicated to determine. There can be many methods for dividing parenting time in a reasonable and fair manner. Gary Schneider, an adept family law attorney, can help you navigate the steps, while offering honest advice and analysis of your options.

Knowledge And Creativity Are Essential

When you are going through a divorce involving children in Arizona, it is important to retain a lawyer who is flexible and creative in reaching an agreement. There can be any number of unique scheduling and financial complications to incorporate into a parenting time agreement.

For instance, child support payments can be increased to offset reduced visitation, and vice versa. Whatever your circumstances, you deserve an attorney who will take the time to negotiate or litigate for a settlement that meets your needs.

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