Mesa Contested And Uncontested Divorce

Divorces come in two forms. They can be contested between the parties or they can be uncontested and more amicable. Similarly, family law attorneys have two available strategies: advocating for each of their clients' rights, or negotiating a settlement between the parties. Whatever your need or desired approach, contact Schneider Law Office for Mesa contested and uncontested divorce cases.

Arizona is a community property state, which means that parties to the marriage are each entitled to half. For clients going through a divorce, debt and property division are determined based on when each was acquired. The procedures and processes can be complex, so you need a lawyer you can count on to handle any procedural or substantive matters that arise.

The Choice Is Yours

Many clients choose to handle post-divorce matters, such as spousal maintenance, through negotiation. One major benefit to this method is that it gives the client far greater control. Rule 69 allows parties to a divorce to resolve all of their issues between themselves, avoiding court altogether, so long as they reach an agreement in writing. For those looking to limit what is brought before a judge and subjected to his or her discretion, negotiation gives you tremendous influence over the final decree and disposition. When negotiation is not an option, however, you can count on Schneider Law Office to do whatever is required, advocating for you in court as necessary.

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