Advocating For Your Interests During Spousal Maintenance Negotiations

When couples file for divorce in Arizona, the court may require one spouse to pay spousal maintenance — also frequently referred to as alimony — to help ease the financial burdens one may face after divorce. It is important to work with a lawyer who is a strong advocate to ensure that your rights and interests are reflected in a spousal maintenance decision.

At Schneider Law Office, attorney Gary Schneider has broad experience working closely with both paying spouses and recipient spouses during spousal maintenance and other family law disputes. Having dedicated his practice to family law, he has a level of knowledge and legal understanding that few attorneys in Arizona can match.

How Do Courts Award Spousal Maintenance?

Unlike child support, which has a very clear calculation, assessing spousal maintenance is far more complex. The first item that must be weighed is whether a spouse even qualifies for spousal maintenance. Judges will weigh several factors, including the duration of the marriage, incomes and which party is at fault for the dissolution of marriage when determining eligibility.

Once eligibility for spousal maintenance is established, the amount and duration of payments is the next factor to consider. Because there are no hard rules when calculating what would constitute reasonable maintenance payments, the attorney you hire can make a significant difference. Mr. Schneider knows how to be successful, both in and out of court, and he looks forward to leveraging his capable skills to identify creative solutions to your case.

Clear Advice Personalized To Your Situation

Mr. Schneider uses "Gary's Blunt Truth" rule when working with his clients. He always provides honest, straightforward advice by telling you the likely outcomes to your case and the best course of action to achieve those results.

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